If You’re About To Graduate From High School, This Is For You

For every parent or student trying to find the way out of high school, into university life

The transition is HARD guys, we all know that. Luckily, Bahrain’s got platforms like Education Links that can help and assist us through the entire process!! It’s literally a FREE service that exists just to help high schoolers find ‘the way.’

The team is here to help you get to wherever you’re trying to go

The team at Education Links helps you apply to the university, the visa processing and even the accommodation in the city you’ll be studying in!

That’s not even all – the most special aspect is the fact that they know which universities are accredited by the Government of Bahrain, so you won’t be wasting any time applying to a university that isn’t accredited in our country.

Not only is Education Links guiding you through the entire application process and transition, but they could even give you a chance of receiving a partial university scholarship – whether you’re planning to study in Bahrain or abroad!

It’s one of the few agencies in Bahrain accredited by the MOE, so we know for a fact that their process is top-tier.

And, for the can’t-miss event

Education Links is having a Virtual University Fair on the 16th and 17th of Feb, where you’ll get to speak to different uni reps!! The webinar will be running from 2-5pm, while the fair & live conferences will take place between 5-9pm – MANY university representatives will be attending and Ministry of Education will be making a presence as well!

Click HERE to sign up to attend the virtual fair!!!