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Our Fave Smoothie Bowl Spot Just Opened Up In District 1 With A Poke-fied Menu

This is literally the only smoothie bowl spot in Bahrain that’s also blessing us with poke bowls

Say hello to our favorite bowls, all at ONE spot this time. Reviive is blessing us with the sweet and the savory and the drooling sensation is REAL.

They have the cutest and freshest-looking little cafe over at Water Garden City serving up all the good stuff, and they’re now celebrating 2 years with the second branch opening over at District 1 in Janabiyah!!

We’re all tryna fulfill our new year resolutions of leading a ‘healthier’ life, and Reviive actually doesn’t make it look too hard…

Their concept rises from creating photogenic bowls – smoothie AND poke bowls – and showing us all that eating healthy doesn’t only look like shoving green stuff into our bodies.

And, of course, the most refreshing acai bowl in Bahrain. Reviive was one of the first acai bowl spots that took Bahrain by a storm back in 2018, so it’s safe to say this one’s a classic.

Oh, and for all our vegans out there, you’ve got plenty of vegan bowl options to choose from!!

One of each, please!!!

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