RESOURCES: List Of Ways You Can Help Out Lebanon

Let’s band together, all around the world. Check out these resources if you’re looking for ways to help out Lebanon at this time.

Scroll below for a list of resources of Lebanese relief programs to look into today:

*links via organization’s name.

1. Lebanese Red Cross

Volunteer, donate blood or learn First Aid training with the Red Cross.
Donate money through the website or App (Apple or Google Play)

2. Donner Sang Compter NGO

Yesterday many people in Lebanon donated enough blood, but you can stay up to date for when blood donations are needed again to spread the word.
Volunteer by signing up here.
Donate money through the website.

3. Impact Lebanon NGO

Donate through Impact Lebanon who are raising funds to disperse donations to various NGOs in the country as well as the Lebanese Red Cross.
Donate here.

4. Lebanese Food Bank

The food bank helps provide food to Lebanese residents.
Donate directly through their website here.

5. Beit El Baraka

This NGO is currently rehoming families and fixing damaged homes.
You can donate to their resources on their website here.

For more resources, look into this Google Doc link here