This Textile Factory in Bani Jamra is Reviving its Golden Era

Keeping traditions alive!

Bani Jamra is a small village in Bahrain and is about its culture and heritage. Textile has been Bani Jamra’s specialized trade for decades, and the Bani Jamra weaving factory – or the Naseej Factory is a center that aims to revive the age-old practice! The factory is designed by Leopold Banchini and is made to look like a “Barasti” with palm tree branches shading the weaving and spinning areas. How amazing will it be to relive the good ol’ days!

People working on looms are craftsmen who have inherited this centuries-old skill from their fathers and forefathers. Saleh, Mohammed, and Habib Al Jamri are some of the last remaining weavers of Bahrain.

The weaving technique involves interlacing two distinct sets of wool to create patterns with vibrant colors. So if you’re looking for “Erdah” or “Wazir” you know where to go, or honestly just head over to take in the culture.

The working hours are from Saturday to Thursday, 8 am – 1 pm and from 4 pm – 6 pm.
Where: Bani Jamra
Contact: 3909 6629

Our beautiful culture!

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