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11 Sweet Treats You Can Try In Bahrain This Weekend

Life is a cakewalk.

Craving something sweet?


Life is better with desserts in them and we’re lucky that there’s so many tasty options in Bahrain! From all types of cakes in all the flavours to refreshing, cool drinks with the right amount of sweetness that are perfect for the summer days, this island has got it.

Check out this list of irresistible sweets and refreshers to either cool off in the summer heat or kick a craving for dessert. Super satisfying stuff on this list that you can get around Bahrain and they all deliver!

1. Stacked Kunafa

WHAT: This kunafa is a modern take on the traditional and delicious dessert. Made in stacks and layered with ice cream and lotus biscoff sauce. Try it out if you’re in the mood for kunafa and want to change it up! Delivery is available.
Yasmine, Seef Mall

2. Lotus Cheesecake

WHAT: Lotus Biscoff is a flavor we love here in Bahrain and so of course it is found in all types of dessert! Cheesecake on its own is pretty good but this one take you on a journey. Delivery is available.
Johnny Custard, Adliya

3. Cheese Lqaymat

WHAT: This local spot makes these Arabic sweets which are essentially small round cakes with cheese inside. This spot makes them and they’re super addictive! Plus they come in these cute cans. Delivery is available.
Tgahwa Andna, Riffa

4. Butterscotch cheesecake

WHAT: We’re all for trying at least one deep-fried dessert once a year, so put this on your bucket list! A generous slice of cheesecake that’s coated in kunafa, deep-fried, topped with ice cream and butterscotch sauce. Call 17234234 to order and
delivery available.
Aburi Sushi & Japanese Steakhouse, The Village Gate – Saar

5. Bubble Tea

WHAT: For a sweet but light treat, get bubble tea! Enjoy cold, fruity or milky teas especially in this hot weather with added boba bubbles or other jellies. Delivery is available.
Tastea Cafe, Isa Town

6. San Sebastian Cheesecakes

WHAT: The only place in Bahrain you can get a slice (or entire cake) of this famous San Sebastian cheesecake originating from Spain. It’s so simple yet delicious and creamy! Place an order by messaging The Slice on Instagram.
The Slice

7. Saffron Ice cream wafer

WHAT: Cool off with some ice cream that’s bursting with flavor! These wafers are stuffed with saffron ice cream and are perfect for the heat. They’ve got tons of other flavors too. Delivery is available.
Icecream House

8. Mango Jalapeno Mocktail

WHAT: This mocktail is super refreshing especially during the summer! These two flavors go so well together and you’ve got to try it out yourselves! Delivery available.
Raju Bhai, Water Garden City

9. Churro Caramel Cheesecake

WHAT: Churros and cheesecake combined to make this delicious dessert! Enjoy a slice with your weekend coffee or after a good lunch. Order by calling or WhatsApp 38383932 for pick up or delivery.
Simins Sweet Treats, Bu Ghazal

10. Raspberry and Rose Meringues

WHAT: These sweet meringues are perfect because they’re super light and hit the spot! Make an order by calling 17663242 or WhatsApp 36994949 at least 24 hours in advance.
Haus Bakery, Adliya

11. Japanese Cheesecake

WHAT: Japanese cheesecake differs from regular cheesecake because it’s so light and fluffy and completely irresistible! Get it only at this one spot in Bahrain, call 13112207 to place an order or visit store for takeout.
Nena’s Gourmet, Galali