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9 Unique Sushi Dishes You Should Try In Bahrain If You Are A Sushi Lover

Let’s maki this day special!

For when you have massive sushi cravings try these


In Bahrain, you can get all types of cuisines and one of them is Japanese. Many restaurants here can make fantastic, mouthwatering sushi, rolls, makis, and more that we enjoy. What’s better, is that some spots have taken fusion to the next level which we can appreciate because it satisfies the sushi craving while bringing in a new experience to the eyes and mouth.

If you’re looking for a new sushi dish to try these spots got you covered. From sushi pizzas to sushi tacos, and beyond, scroll down to see what delicious creations you can try!

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Sushi Pizza

WHAT: If you love sushi and can’t get enough, you got to try a sushi pizza! An abundance of everything you love in a sushi roll in the shape of a pizza slice. To order it, head to Sushilicious, a home business in Bahrain, and order it through WhatsApp 36228777 for delivery.

Sushi Cake

WHAT: Sushi cake is great for sharing amongst your sushi lover friends and family. Just cut up a slice and enjoy the taste of sushi bite after bite through layers of your favorite toppings. Order one through Sushilicious by WhatsApp 36228777.

Sushi Tacos

WHAT: Sushi tacos have hit Bahrain! Enjoy this crunchy fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisine for a different sushi experience. You can call ahead at 17234234 to pick it up in-store or on Talabat to order for delivery.
Aburi Sushi, Village Gate, Saar

Shawarma Sushi

WHAT: This Shawarma sushi is like a bite-sized version of the Middle East’s favorite sandwich. Although you won’t taste any wasabi or soy sauce, you can pick it up with chopsticks to enjoy this Arab sushi. Place a takeaway order in-store or for delivery on Talabat.
Attny Shawarma, Deebal Avenue, Riffa

Ee Laa Maki Roll

WHAT: This is for the Bahrain nation! The Ee Laa maki roll is made of tempura shrimp, Oman chips, and cheese, yum! Bonus points if you listen to Flipperachi & Daffy’s Ee Laa track while eating this. Call 34546170 for orders or place one on Talabat
Sakura Sushi Tokyo Food Truck, beside Ruyan Super Market Salmabad

Temari Sushi Balls

WHAT: These traditional Japanese handcrafted sushi balls are the cutest thing out there! The only place to get them is at this spot in Bahrain, order on Talabat, Carriage, or Wasel for delivery.
M by Mirai, Seef

Cauliflower Sushi

WHAT: This sushi is special because instead of rice they have cauliflower rice! It’s vegan and gluten-free making them super healthy, and you can get them from Bahrain’s first vegan spot, Plant Cafe. Place an order on Carriage or Talabat for delivery.
Plant Cafe, Janabiya

Crispy Rice w/ Spicy Tuna

WHAT: This spot is known globally for its modern spin on Japanese classics and some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers have dined here in LA. This crispy rice and spicy tuna dish is an original and can only be enjoyed at this spot in Bahrain! Place an order on Carriage or Talabat for delivery to try it out.
Katsuya, Seef

Poke Kafe

WHAT: This Hawaiian dish is like a bowl of sushi! This spot is Bahrain’s first poke bar has many types of Poke bowls available for delivery on Talabat.
Poke Kafe, Hamala

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