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8 Amazing Places You’ve Gotta Go If You Love Pakistani Food

Bahrain is a multicultural destination making it a hub to experience many different types of cuisine. In Bahrain you can find almost any type of dish from Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, the list can go on and on. We’re lucky because we can always go out to order whatever we’re craving, especially if it’s food from the motherland. If you feel like having Pakistani food today then scroll down to see some of the best restaurants to go to.


Price: $
Address: Al Hadrami Avenue / Isa Al Kabeer Avenue, Manama (Available on Talabat)

Why you need to go: one of the latest to offer authentic, street-side delicacies from the Pakistani city of Karachi. Desi Dastarkhawn (DDK) signature dishes are the Bihari kabab which is made of beef, Chicken Kat A Kat and Truck Adda Karahi. Other favorite dishes on the menu include Peshawari kabab, Chicken Tikka and ‘Dekh ki Biryani’ with the meat and rice cooked together. Using the same ingredients as their counterpart back home in Karachi such as Dalda ghee – a popular brand of clarified butter, Pakistani meat and Amul butter. DDK is highly recommended for Pakistani food!


Price: $$
Address: One Govt. Avenue, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Why you need to go: This family-style restaurant has been serving food in Bahrain since 1970, making it one of the oldest Pakistani restaurants in Bahrain. The food is authentic, high quality and the prices are a little higher than the average Pakistani restaurant and not by much, still very affordable, and also great portions. Paradise Palace is not a place to miss in Bahrain. Go for a Prawn, Mutton, Achari Tikka grill and try the Biryani Ferdous, with both chicken and mutton.


Price: $
shop no 31, Riffa Village, Ar Rifa` 10053

Great Hyderabadi dishes for fair prices and the portions are decent, with dishes from 1.8 bd being the highest prices. The varied selection of Masala, Mutton, Currys, Soups, Biryani and also a selection of Indian and Chinese dishes. Some favorites are Fish Masala, Tandoori Chicken, and Dum Biryani. This local spot is a must-try! Available on Hungerstation for delivery.


Price: $$
Address: Oriental Palace (Behind Yateem Center), Manama, Bahrain

Why you should go: Delicious muttons, beef, chicken dishes, masalas, biryani, a little over the average price of delicious Pakistani food found in Bahrain but the portions are large and it’s also available on Talabat for delivery, which is a perk as some Pakistani places don’t deliver. They’ve got a good vegetarian option as well as some Chinese dishes. Try the Chicken Handi, they’re most selling dish serves hot in a clay pot or the Chapli Kabab! Go on a Saturday or Sunday as they do 10% off.


Price: $
Address: Building No. 332, Road No. 2706, Block No. 327, Al `Adliyah, Al Manamah, Bahrain

Why you should go: Definitely must stop by if you’re in Bahrain as they have the nicest Pakistani dishes in the country, hands down. Authentic, high-quality taste and very affordable price. They have a really great morning breakfast that’ll keep you fuelled for the day ahead. Great Lahori environment that customers appreciate.


Price: $
Address: Shop 108, Ajirah Avenue, Riffa al Gharbi, Block 0904, Southern Governorate Bahrain Bahrain

Why you should go: Desi Swag is one of those restaurants that stay on your mind all day. Just thinking of one dish to another, making you more hungry with every second passing. For such a good price you can try everything on the menu, like the Aloo Keema, Paya, Chicken Haleem, or Mutton Kebab to name some delicious dishes you can’t go wrong with.


Price: $
Address: Isa Al Kabeer Ave

Why you should go: Known for mouthwatering kababs, flavourful tikka, exotic curries, and much more! This multicultural cuisine is popular in Bahrain because it’s so good and priced very well. They do catering, buffet-style events, special deals often so check their social media to find out about special events.


Price: $
Address: Bldg:1117D, Road:420, Block:704 Salmabad, Al Mintaqah Al Wusta, Bahrain

Why you should go: MMR is a staple for Pakistani food in Bahrain, almost 10 years open, once you try their food you’ll understand. It’s really good and hits the spot. Their garlic naan is amazing and could eat it on its own, they can make any kind of biryani, and their grilled meat and special chicken is delicious!

Have you tried any or all? Which one is your fav?