15 Hilarious Tweets About Working From Home That Will Make You Feel Less Alone During This Times

Are you working from home?

If so, you’re not alone! Millions of people worldwide are working from home with kids, parents, siblings, and pets. Lots of us are having to adjust to this new professional lifestyle and people are going to social media to accurately depict what it’s been like. Spoiler alert, it’s so relatable!

Scroll down below to see some of our favorite tweets about working from home.

1. The one excited about spending more time with their babies.

2. Your new coworkers are invading your space

3. WFH got your drawing game on point

4. When you switch from suits to sweatpants

5. How all those Zoom meetings are going

6. The value of sleeping in those extra few minutes

7. WFH but a dog’s perspective

8. The one who misses taking the bus to work

9. Being professional at home is a whole new level

10. Meetings on Zoom are hard to end

11. Days of the week are blurring together

12. Who knew emails could be so helpful

13. More time at home means more time with animals!

14. Working from home is a whole mood

15. And lastly, quarantine fifteen is real