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Are You Craving Some Japanese Fusion? We Found the Perfect Little Place

Coming straight from Japan, all the way to our island is Aburi restaurant that serves delicious, modern Japanese cuisine. It is a contemporary restaurant with an ambience inspired by the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. Aburi offers an inventive take on Japanese dishes with time honored flavors. We say, let the good times roll!

Platter straight from heaven

The menu is a modernized selection of Japanese faves. And to top it all, they have a appetizing platter of everything. Yes! Everything – now say that very slowly!

One famous dish is Maki and at Aburi it is reinvented with a different approach. This hot ticket item is the true symbol of the Japanese cuisine and is an absolute delicacy at their restaurant. They have so many different flavors and we bet you are going to try them all.

Their Fuji Maki is a delicacy that can’t be missed

Plus, they also have the best steaks cooked to perfection that will literally have you drooling from the aromatic sensory experience.

Aburi’s Japanese cuisine will keep you craving for more. So don’t wait any longer to sample their amped-up Japanese food!