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8 Goodies You Can Send Your Loved Ones For a Socially Distanced Eid Celebration

Eid is only days away

And we’re prepping with the best! With Ramadan coming to an end, we’re getting ready for the long Eid holiday and weekend. However, with the rise of the number of daily cases, the MOH is actively urging all of us to stay safe and keep practicing social distancing. Luckily, there are many goodies you can send over to your extended family and friends if you won’t be seeing them during Eid! Scroll below to check out some great options:


Floward has got so many options for different packages you can send your loved ones for any celebration! With Eid coming up, you’ve got endless of gift or flower arrangement ideas to explore on Floward’s app, to even get them delivered on the same day!

Lilou Artisan Patisserie

A staple on every table, during any celebration! Everyone in Bahrain is crazy about Lilou, and for good reason! The packages and goodies always stand to impress. Pick something up from the bakery to make your family or friends smile this Eid!! Scroll through the carousel above to check out your options, and call Lilou’s on 17715370 to pre-order.

Nomad Urban Eatery

Nomad’s classic Honey Cake! Loved by probably everyone in Bahrain, so a guaranteed great option to send over to someone you love this Eid.


Chocomelt said it best – every gathering needs a cake on the table! They’ve got the most satisfying options too, so you can get it something delivered to your loved ones from Chocomelt via talabat or Fatafat!


All gatherings have featured at least ONE Chantilly treat! Not only will their dessert aesthetics and presentation impress your loved ones, but they taste too good to pass up on. Call Chantilly on 17200071 to pre-order your Eid cakes and treats.

Maya Delices

A Eid Hamper from Maya Delices, loaded up with a whole lot of chocolate arrangements! All you need to do is Whatsapp Maya on 38387245 to place your order, and get it delivered directly to a loved one!

Arabisc Chocolate

Adding on to the “Eid Gadoo3” with a box of chocolates form Arabisc! You can call +97377300333 to reserve or get them delivered.


Creolate is always pulling through with the sweetest giveaways! For Eid, they’ve got some packages that you can send over to your loved ones, or even have them for your family gatherings at home! Send a WhatsApp to Creolate on 36992700 for more details.

Stay safe & Eid Mubarak in advance!

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