Update: These Are All the MOH Guidelines You Need to Know About Before Going Out on Eid

The Ministry of Health made some announcements last night, reiterating the guidelines set for services that will be available starting on Eid. Many services will now be limited to those who are vaccinated or recovered, with revised safety guidelines for restaurants and cafes, spas, swimming pools and all recreation centers and cinemas.

Basically, indoor services will be limited to vaccinated or recovered individuals, provided that citizens and residents of Bahrain have a visible green shield on the BeAware application. GCC nationals and residents will need to have a green vaccination logo within official COVID-19 applications. Similarly, visitors will have to show an acceptance card of certified vaccination, which is provided when arriving into the Kingdom as proof of vaccination.

It’s advised to book tables at cafes and and restaurants in advance, to avoid crowds. Restaurants and cafes will be operating at 50% capacity, while the same guidelines for temperature checks and wearing face masks still apply. Keep in mind, anyone below the age of 18 will be able to access indoor services with a vaccinated or recovered adult. Scroll through the above carousel for more details!

This not only applies to restaurants and cafes, but also to indoor cinemas, indoor gyms and swimming pools, spas, event and sport halls in general. The above carousel explains the guidelines set for entering cinemas, which are reopening during Eid after about a year of closure. The MOH urges pre-booking for any of the services above, to ensure the guidelines are followed and everyone’s safety is in place.

Stay safe, everyone!

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