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9 Best Appreciation Images For Balalaeet

Balaleet Bahrain


If you’ve been in Bahrain and haven’t had Balaleet, you are seriously missing out on a good thing!

Balaleet is a traditional sweet and savoury breakfast dish served in Bahrain and is popular in other GCC countries, making this the ultimate khaleeji breakfast fav.

It’s mainly sweet vermicelli noodles and eggs, and every country and family has its own twist in making it! Sounds simple but one bite will change your life.

Scroll for the ultimate Balaleet appreciation and to check out some spots to get the Bahraini breakfast meal from!

1. Click play!!

From The Bread Story, Galleria Mall.

2. The perfect breakfast spread

From Chai Cafe at Ramli Mall or Sanabis

3. A Bahraini breakfast MUST be accompanied with karak

From Emmawash at Isa Town, Hamala, or Abu Salba

4. Get in my bellyy

5. I can smell the beautiful aroma from this pic

From Mama Yuma Kitchen at Riffa or Hidd

6. Here’s a recipe to try this weekend, you can thank us later

7. This is a Balaleet PANCAKE!

Try is from Lanatana at Adliya

8. Another twist, mini Balaleet pancakes!

From Flapjacks

9. This version of Balaleet adds an extra layer of crispiness.. mmm

From Cafe Mills in Riffa


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