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Caffeine Addicts, Get Your Fix at This Social Hub & Café

Where are all the coffeeholics at? If you are still wondering, you might find them at the very voguish café in Bahrain, Sonder by Brewed.

Coffee, chow and more

They have a variety of one of a kind coffees like their creamy Espresso Indulgence, delicious Horchata, Black Latte (activated charcoal Latte), very chic mocktails (Pink Lady, Lady Sura), Matcha Lemonade and wait for it…Hot Chocolate!! Also, who doesn’t like a good cup of Aurgasm, which also happens to be one of their best sellers. They also have some healthy superfood salad and artisanal chocolates so whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a cave person, they have something for everyone.

They not only serve you with an amazing menu but also a great venue

From Pandemic to Dixit, this café boasts over 200 board games that you along with your friends can choose to play. They have also launched an all new Coffee Chess Club, so go ahead, show your moves! And that’s not all, if you like reading with your coffee, you can just bring your own book or borrow one from their collection of 150 books from all genres. You can also donate your books to expand their collection. Isn’t Sonder by Brewed the perfect getaway for the weekend?

Wait! There’s more! Yes, there’s more!

They also have the quirkiest, environmental friendly coffee mugs for you to pick up if you desire.

With exposed brick and wooden bar counters, Sonder by Brewed will truly give you a Brooklyn like feel.

So what are you waiting for? Put your chilled coffee face on and head to the coolest (and hottest) café in town.