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Check Out These 10 Spots in Bahrain for Some Epic Cheetos Creations

Red hot everything!

If you thought things couldn’t be covered or stuffed with Cheetos, keep reading! We all know of the beloved addictive bag of Cheetos, and when they leveled up from cheese puffs to Flamin’ Hot, we leveled up too. These creations are just too scrumptious to miss out on, so we’ve got some great spots in Bahrain to get even greater Cheetos creations from!

Joseph Station

Have a look at this ‘oh-so-good’ Cheetos burger from Joseph Station! Order away from talabat, Efood, Afkari and FATAFAT. Check it out in Riffa.


Everything Cheetos, from mozarella sticks to burgers and fries! Located in Busaiteen, do try it out!

Bora Bora

Cheetos chicken, the name tells the story! This one’s a must try! Bora Bora is located in Riffa and Busaiteen.

California Burgers & Chicken

Cheetos fries? Hand this over to us right now! California Burgers & Chicken is available on talabat and is located in Sanad.

BZY Burger

Okay, Cheetos salad anyone? We’re sold here! BZY Burger is located in Jurdab and Arad and is also available on talabat!

Kabuki Japanese Cuisine

How ‘out of the world’ do these red spider rolls look! We’re drooling! Kabuki Japanese Cuisine is located in Juffair.


Get a bowl of creamy pasta topped with Cheetos, makes for a great balance of chewiness and crunch! Dorado is located in Tubli.


Can’t get enough of TeaBreak’s Mac and Cheetos! TeaBreak is also available on talabat.

Graffiti Burger

Cheetos chicken roller for the win! Get your hands on this GORGEOUS creation asap! Check out Graffiti Burger in Al Sayh, Busaiteen!

The Mexican Corner

If you love corn dogs, this is your place to be! Cheetos corn dogs and everything mexican! Check out the food truck in Busaiteen.

Dinner plans sorted!

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