Local Artist of the Week in Spotlight: Ali

Local Artist Spotlight

Art is subjective. But every artist needs to be given credit where credit is due. And Bahrain has no shortage of talented artists specializing in various mediums. So we thought we could shine a spotlight on some of these artists, in a segment called Local Artist of the Week In Spotlight. Our next feature? A member of Art Attack Krew, Sayed Ali Abbas.

Ali is a wood artist. Let’s take a dive into his mind.

Local Artist in the Spotlight

• Could you give our readers a general introduction about yourselves?
My name is Sayed Ali Abbas (Ali) I am 23 years old. I started drawing 5 years ago and was Crafter. And people call me (Woodmaster). Because of what I do and it’s wood-burning.

• How and Why did you join Art Attack Krew?
I joined ATK in Karzakan … we were drawing there. To spread the art, you do and the development from the team members.

• Could you tell us a little about your process? How an idea ultimately becomes a finished piece?
The idea may come at the moment of initiation, but the problem is in the way of its implementation, it is difficult to explain because most of the work I do is related to feelings.

• Who are the three artists you admire?
Burning on wood/ Mustafa al-Halwaji was one of the artists who supported me the most, and that is why I respect him a lot, knowing that we are different in style.

What wouldn’t you do without?
In fact, all things are important, but for me, the wood burner pin is the most important tool because it is regrettable so that I can work. Using a burning pen, I can turn a worthless piece of wood into art.

•What memorable responses have you had to your work?
The work acquired by Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa

•What role do you think art plays in society?
I think that art is very important to make society civilized

•There’s this famous saying, “all good art comes from misery”. Do you agree with that? 
Yes, I agree

•What’s the biggest obstacle you have run into while pursuing art?
The biggest obstacle I faced was the family…. because of the type of art that I practice, which requires me a lot of money to buy tools, and most of the tools are often the wrong tools for learning, but thanks to God I was able to convince them of the work that I do to earn money from art.

Wood into Art!

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