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Focaccia Art Is The New Baking Trend And It’s A Beautiful Way To Eat Carbs

Dear bread, I loaf you.

Focaccia art is the latest baking trend taking over social media.


Baking has become a pastime for many while we follow social distancing orders across the world and people have been turning into pro home chefs and bakers with all the free time!

It seems like every now and then a new recipe trends on social media, from Delgona coffee to mini pancake cereals and making sourdough bread and now the new trend is making Focaccia art! Bring art and cooking together by making a focaccia garden. Not only is homemade fresh bread delicious, but also super pretty!

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It all started with a woman named Teri Culletto who became inspired after visiting the Museum of Fine Arts Boston for Vincent van Gogh exhibition and turned her bread into a Van Gogh painting. She posted the bread in February 2019 and this is when this trend first appeared online. Now it has become an internet sensation, with thousands of people baking and posting their focaccia art online and it’s become a worldwide trend during the past couple of months!

Basically to begin your garden scaping baking journey, start with preparing the focaccia dough (recipe below) and shape it into the way you want it. Then design it with vegetables, fresh herbs, and spices to create a garden landscape on top. Some toppings like yellow peppers, tomatoes, and onions make for great flowers, and trees from herbs like rosemary, parsley, asparagus, and broccoli. There are no rules in creating art so decorate creatively!

Are you feeling inspired and ready to make your own Focaccia garden? Here are two easy Focaccia recipes here and here.

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