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Grab a Slice of New York Right Here in Bahrain at This Pizza Spot

Y’all need to go and get you one of thoooooseee! Empire Pizza is serving up authentic New York-style thin-crust pizzas right here in Bahrain. Their July special is a must-try: a butter chicken makhani pizza topped with mint chutney, and we APPROVE.

What sets Empire Pizza apart is their meticulous attention to detail. They grow their own herbs, make their signature sauce from ripe Italian tomatoes, and cold-ferment their dough for that perfect balance of chewiness and crunch. Each pizza is finished with locally-sourced produce and the highest quality cured meats.

Whether you grab it by the slice or order a whole pie, every bite promises a burst of flavor and freshness. Head over to Empire Pizza and indulge in a pizza experience like no other.

Your taste buds will thank you!

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