Construction for Bahrain’s Pavilion for Expo Osaka 2025 Will Cost BD 4 Million

The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities is eagerly preparing for Expo Osaka 2025. By constructing Bahrain’s national pavilion, set against the picturesque Osaka-Kansai backdrop in Japan from April 2025. Designed by renowned architect Lina Ghotmeh, the pavilion will showcase Bahrain’s rich maritime heritage blended with Japanese woodworking traditions.

Spanning 995 square meters and rising 13.7 meters high across 4 floors, the pavilion will be a wooden marvel with an aluminum exterior. Emphasizing sustainability—a key focus for Bahrain. The construction costs are estimated to be approximately 4 Million Bahraini Dinars. After the expo, it will be fully recycled, aligning with Bahrain’s environmental goals.

Bahrain’s design studio “Sheppard” will create an immersive experience, highlighting the kingdom’s seafaring history and natural resources. Visitors can expect interactive exhibits celebrating Bahrain’s deep-rooted connection with the sea.

Expo Osaka 2025, themed around “Ensuring Life Sustainability,” “Improving Life,” and “Enhancing Life through Connectivity,” aims to attract 28 million visitors from around the globe. It’s not just a showcase but a platform for global dialogue and cultural exchange.

Bahrain’s participation will also feature a dedicated business area, promoting its competitive advantages as a forward-thinking economy and an ideal hub for investment.

Stay tuned for a captivating journey through Bahrain’s maritime legacy and its commitment to sustainability at Expo Osaka 2025!


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