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Here’s Where You Can Get Some Hot Chocolate Bombs in Bahrain

Chocolate chocolate!

Chocolate in all shapes and forms is the absolute best thing in the world! But the weather is calling to indulge in some good hot chocolate, a cup can solve any and everything! How about grabbing a few chocolate bombs from Dona’s Wonders and just pouring some hot milk over them from the comfort of your homes, and here you go you have yourself a great cup of hot chocolate!

Dona’s Wonders is a super cool spot by our fave food blogger ‘Bahrain Foodie’ located at Shaikh Ebrahim Center. The spot has great desserts and a selection of scrumptious breakfast! Do us a favor and do try Valrhona choco bombs, you will not regret!

Dona’s Wonders is located at Shaikh Ebrahim Center and is open daily from 8 am – 7 pm.
Contact: 1721 3669

Breakfast and desserts!

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