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It’s Tea O’Clock! And Here Are 5 Tea Spots That You Need to Check Out

Let’s get the par-tea started


There is no such thing as too much tea, as we all can agree. Meeting up with friends, family gossip session or just a cozy evening, there’s never a specific reason or occasion for a good cuppa! We found the perfect tea spots in Bahrain, so just keep scrolling to explore the list:

Café Mayfair

You can totally feel the elegance and aroma of the place as soon as you walk in. They serve a variety of one of a kind teas that goes perfectly with the warm and subtle ambience of the place. Plus, their menu is all about those luscious delicacies that are just too good to resist. Don’t miss out on their cakes either.


Shakespeare and Co.

Some afternoon tea and fancy snacks please? This artistic spot is such an eye-catcher. Good food, amazing dishes, all in a lovely venue. Are we speaking French already?


The Orangery

Who doesn’t like a little fanciness? And The Orangery always gives us the fancy feels. With a beautiful view and tasty breakfast and dessert options, this place is definitely our go-to.


Chawan Authentic Tea House

Honestly, visiting Japan is in all our bucket list but for now, we’re heading straight to the Japanese Tea House in Bahrain. There’s just something about this place and their tea that is so calming, it’s a therapy on its own.


Tea Club

The name says it all! Afternoon tea with a gorgeous view and some freshly made goodness? Yes, please! This classy place has everything you’re looking for AND craving for.


BRB *sipping our tea*