Support Local: This Bahrain Based Artist Creates Magic With His Talent

Discovered his talent during the pandemic and hasn’t looked back

Sajeesh M T, an expat artist from, India, has been applauded for his creation of a mini remote controlled bus that resembles the red buses of Bahrain, and honestly its top notch! His inventions that resembles the red buses to the most minute details, has been a source of amazement for the community, and even the authorities. We are not surprised!

When Bahrain first went on a lockdown to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, Sajeesh made the most of his time by discovering this hiding talent.

Not just that, Sajeesh has been using the earnings from his artistic practice to help students back in his hometown who have been hit quite hard by the pandemic, and had to switch to virtual learning.

Bahrain Public Transport Company was so impressed by his work that they not only honored him, but also placed orders for the remote-controlled miniatures.

Plus, has also turned to leaf art, the process of intricately carving out pieces from a leaf to make portraits and such. And the best part? He has started accepting personalized orders where you send him a picture and he will carve your likeness into a leaf. 

Check out his Instagram or contact him via whatsapp at 39343417 to place your orders now.

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