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This Kuwaiti Cafe Opened Up In Bahrain & We Need Its Chocolate Creations

All Chocolate Everything – please


If you’ve been keeping up with Ahmad AlZamel (Kuwaiti chef), you’ve probably seen the endless story posts of him eating, like, everything ever (Mashallah), and one spot that keeps popping up is Chocomelt.

We will be pining in envy NO LONGER

Chocomelt has officially opened up in Gravity Village, Zallaq and our chocolate cravings are about to be more than fulfilled. The cafe is famous for its dessert creations that are overwhelmed – in the best, most satisfying way – with chocolate and other delicious sauces! Oh, the cafe has specialty coffee, too, ’cause we all know coffee and chocolate is a necessary pairing.

Now that it’s here, catch us bingeing on the regular!!!

Extra sauce, please

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