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This Local Business Is Serving Up Quality Tiramisu

With ingredients that are ethically sourced

The Misu Project is not only making the creamiest tiramisu out there, but they are doing it with heart and soul. Every tub of “Misu” you purchase helps them fulfill a “Charity of the Week” goal. A high percentage of their profits goes towards supporting different foundations & charities in Bahrain!

This business is super mindful of where their ingredients are coming from. For example, they buy their coffee beans from Bahraini suppliers who purchase directly from Colombian farmers, ensuring they’re not losing money to big corporations and also promoting ethical-purchase methods in the community!!

So basically, we get to have super good tiramisu made with top line ingredients, AND supporting a great cause all at once! Which means… the calories just go straight to the heart (in a good, safe and delicious way).

5 tubs please & thank you – and we’re not sharing.

Support locals supporting locals!!!

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