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This Pizzeria Is The First In Bahrain To Make Charcoal Activated Pizza And They Deliver

Have you ever tried charcoal activated pizza?


Well now is your chance! Crazy Pizza is a brand new Pizzeria in Bahrain that launched on March 25 this year, and they are the first to bring black dough a.k.a charcoal activated pizza to the island.

The black detox dough contains organic activated charcoal and it’s their signature. The activated charcoal is made from coconut shell carbon steamed at a high temperature and is loaded with benefits such as the ability to absorb toxins, therefore detoxifying the body.

We spoke with Abdulrahman, he and his wife Leena both run Crazy Pizza together. It started with a passion for Italian food and an innovative spirit which made this Bahraini couple come up with the idea of venturing into their own business. With both having experience in the Food & Beverage industry and a lot of ideas for new toppings they weren’t finding in Bahrain, Crazy Pizza was born.

The activated charcoal dough isn’t the only thing that’s special about Crazy Pizza, it’s also the types of pizzas you can get, like the signature Smoked Salmon and Capers (7.8BD) that’s got a garlic tarragon base, the Bloody Mary (2.7BD) which is generously topped with marinara sauce and basil, and the Crazy Seafood pizza (6.8BD) topped with calamari, shrimps, and fried fish fingers. They have 16 exciting pizzas to choose from at the moment.

The menu also has 10 pasta dishes to choose from like the Squid ink Seafood Spaghetti (5.9BD) and Creamy Rose Pasta (3.2BD) and a starters menu. You can check out the menu on their website and social media pages and order for free delivery directly through the website, and by calling or Whatsapp at 39938686.

Currently, it is open for delivery only, reaching customers all over Bahrain with the exception of Durrat being out of delivery range for now.