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This Spot in Bahrain Serves Japanese Kakigōri With a Local Twist

Authentic with a twist

Mt. Fuji is a local dessert spot that serves the oh-so-good Japanese shaved ice dessert, Kakigōri with a local twist! This dessert house in Busaiteen will get you addicted to this heavenly Japanese dish made out of ice cream shavings and sweeteners.

They have a bunch of different flavor options for you to choose from, strawberry cheesecake, mango, chocoreto, frostbite, and many more. Their flavors are super unique and some of them are a bit too relatable! Take the Ramadan exclusive Gahwa Crunch and Vimto Kakigori for instance, we mean it’s not available right now but we’re ready to wait for next year!

They’ve also created a dessert with Chips Oman and you’ve never seen anything like this before. They also have drinks which are equally attractive!

Check out Mt. Fuji in Busaiteen, Alsayeh. Open 4 PM- 11 PM

Let’s go!

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