Sip on Some Good Coffee and Enjoy the Weather at This New Cafe in Sanad

Good weather is here!

Good weather calls for a great spot to just enjoy it while it lasts! For real guys, we don’t get to experience the winters much so let’s just enjoy the time we have! Akafe is here for us all. This new cafe in Sanad is the perfect spot for an easy evening with friends with both an outdoor setting and an indoor area which, btw is just so PRETTY!

Located just across the Estiqlal Highway, the air crossing just makes it the perfect little spot for these days! Let’s not forget to mention their ‘oh so good’ coffee, it’s just so good.

Do try their molten lava cake and some good good muffins with a great cup of coffee, you won’t regret it, trust us! Akafe opened recently in Sanad opposite Alestiqlal Gas Station and is a must-visit!

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