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This Spot in Riffa Has the Cutest Pink Snowflake Ice Cream

Cute and pink!

We’ve all had snowcones and soft serves but have you guys tried snowflake ice cream, well it’s not even about trying one, Frioo Creamery has snowflake ice cream that’s just so CUTE! Guys, for starters it’s pink and has loads of sprinkles, plus an XL lollipop, candy cane, and sour candies as toppings too, all pink and super cute!

We could honestly dig into this right now! Frioo Creamery also has a bunch of other options, like a red pomegranate one, perfect for a fun tangy snack! They also have popsicles, soft serves, and super ‘cool’ desserts.

Check Frioo Creamery out in Riffa.

Check it out this weekend!

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