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Veganuary Is A Thing & Here’s Where You Can Feast If You’re Up For It

We’re on that NY resolution roll


Veganuary is an annual challenge that promotes veganism and encourages people to adopt the vegan lifestyle for at least one month! If you’re trying Veganuary out this year, here are a few spots around the island you can stop by:


It’s in the name people, all about the vedge here!

Plant Cafe

This cauliflower sushi is completely vegan – so is the rest of Plant Cafe’s menu!


Oak has this delicious looking vegan burger out just for Veganuary!

Eighty Thirty

You’re spoiled for choice, here! Where else could you get vegan fast food?

Raw Candy

Some of the best vegan cookies we’ve tried, yet!

Poke Kafe

Nothing like a delicious fresh bowl to get you pumped up for the day!

Anais Cafe

Anais has a menu FILLED with vegan treats, like this lemon pie!

The Little Black Caravan

Apple cider and chai latte vegan donuts.. we didn’t even know things like this existed!


Just listen to this, dark chocolate soft serve with smores and a raspberry coulis – it’s delicious to just read about!


Fresh have loads of vegan options including this vegan hot chocolate (we might never actually stop talking about hot chocolate..)

Reviive Cafe

Reviive have these brand new poke bowls with so many protein options including this homemade tofu option.

Happy Veganuary!!!

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