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We Asked You to Tell Us Your Fave Rooftop Place in Bahrain and Here Are the Top 8

Weather’s getting better

Our very own October is almost here and guess what the next few months will bring along? Pleasant weather! Sitting outdoors and enjoying the light breeze, the absolute best time of the year. We have a couple great rooftop settings on the island and while most of us find our terrace the most comfy place in the world, we asked you your fave rooftop place in Bahrain and here are your top 8 picks.

W Gym Spa Cafe

This one’s been the most consistent one in the picks and there was no way we could’ve missed it. Super cool rooftop gym spa cafe, all in one, win win! It’s a women’s wellness center with a cafe to go!

Hazel Rooftop Lounge

Hazel Rooftop Lounge has made it to your list of the best ones, and we trust you guys! Great ambiance and good food. With ‘happy hours under the stars’ you sure would want to check this place out.

Meisei Bahrain

Japanese cuisine, count us in! Meisei is a Japanese fusion restaurant and a rooftop lounge. You guys suggested we add it in, and it totally deserves to be in the list.

Iris Bahrain

While Iris Bahrain is currently closed, it made it to our list, guess we all know now how good it is! We’re all waiting for it to be open again, keep an eye on their Instagram for the great announcement.

Chapter 1 Restaurant & Lounge

Chapter 1 is a fine-dining restaurant with a scrumptious Indian cuisine. It has a really cool rooftop with an even better view. Located at block 338, this place is a sure pick.


The views from the 25th floor! Alto is a rooftop lounge and restaurant, we suggest you check it out, the view is absolutely epic.


Indigo’s rooftop terrace had to be in the list, so picturesque and a must visit. There’s live music every weekend, all the more reason to check it out.

Icon Bahrain

A rooftop terrace with exotic cuisine, Icon Bahrain is located at Block 338. Super cool ambiance and a must visit.

You pick, we suggest!

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ุณุฃู„ู†ุงูƒู… ุนู† ู…ูƒุงู†ูƒู… ุงู„ู…ูุถู„ ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุณุทุญ ููŠ ุงู„ุจุญุฑูŠู† ูˆุฌุจู†ุงู„ูƒู… ุฃูุถู„ 8 ุฃู…ุงูƒู†

ุงู„ุฌูˆ ู‚ุงุนุฏ ูŠุชุนุฏู„!

ุฅู‚ุชุฑุจ ุดู‡ุฑ ุฃูƒุชูˆุจุฑ ุฌุงูŠุจ ู…ุนุงู‡ ุงู„ุฎูŠุฑุงุชุŒ ูˆุฎู…ู†ูˆุง ุดู†ูˆ ุฅู„ูŠ ู…ู…ูƒู† ุชุฌู„ุจู‡ ุงู„ุฃุดู‡ุฑ ุงู„ู‚ู„ูŠู„ุฉ ุงู„ู‚ุงุฏู…ุฉุŸ ุงู„ุฌูˆ ุงู„ุญู„ูˆ! ุงู„ู‚ุนุฏุฉ ููŠ ุงู„ู‡ูˆุงุก ุงู„ุทู„ู‚ ูˆุงู„ุงุณุชู…ุชุงุน ุจุงู„ู†ุณูŠู… ุงู„ุฎููŠูุŒ ูŠุนุชุจุฑ ู…ู† ุฃูุถู„ ู„ุฃูˆู‚ุงุช ููŠ ุงู„ุณู†ุฉ. ุนู†ุฏู†ุง ุฅู…ุงูƒู† ุฑุงุฆุนุฉ ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุณุทุญ ููŠ ุงู„ุจุญุฑูŠู†ุŒ ูˆุจูŠู†ู…ุง ูŠุฌุฏ ุงู„ุจุนุถ ุฃู† ุดุฑูุฉ ุจูŠุชู‡ู… ู‡ูŠ ุงู„ู…ูƒุงู† ุงู„ุฃูƒุซุฑ ุฑุงุญุฉ ููŠ ุงู„ุนุงู„ู… ุŒ ุณุฃู„ู†ุงูƒู… ุนู† ู…ูƒุงู†ูƒู… ุงู„ู…ูุถู„ ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุณุทุญ ููŠ ุงู„ุจุญุฑูŠู† ูˆุฌุจู†ุงู„ูƒู… ุฃูุถู„ 8 ุฃู…ุงูƒู†