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We Asked You What Your Fave Fried Chicken Joint In Bahrain Was & These Were Your Top 12

Crispy, crumbly and tender fried chicken coming your way

Brought to you by, well, YOU. Safe to say we’re pretty far down the road of this series to stop now… So, we’re back with everyone’s favorite fried chicken spots in Bahrain!! Your eyes are about to feast on some GOOD fried chicken, and trust us, your options are plenty. Scroll to check these out:

Texas Chicken Bahrain

Favorited by SO MANY of you. We see why, and we hear they’ve got honey biscuits that make a perfect fried chicken combo!!! We’re about to binge on these.

Al Baik

Saudi, you really blessed us with this one. We’ve waited so long, but we’re now sharing Al Baik with our neighbors!!! The hype was real when it first opened, and it only continues! Classic.

Extra Chicken Broasted

Okay, you guys were specifically passionate about this one, and we obviously can’t blame you. ECB have their branches over in Sanad, Gudaibiya, and even Adliya.


Wingman is famous for their wings, of course, but they’ve got some killer chicken tenders – and don’t forget their chicken sandwiches – so we clearly agree with your choices!!

Raising Cane’s

This one isn’t technically local, but we all love it so it has to make this list. The Cane’s sauce isn’t actually like anything we’ve tasted before, and the iced tea is honestly the perfect coupling.


Honestly, the sauces. The chicken itself is SUPER crispy, and worth all the Juffair traffic you’re about to get into when you pop over there.


A cult classic. Nothing gets more intense than the times when Chicket announces ‘50% off chicken’ and lines outside become ENDLESS. Especially with their Ramadan discounts, too – WE CAN’T WAIT.


This ‘sassy’ fried chicken spot has the best sauces and the crumbliest chicken. If you like your chicken extra spicy – try their Picante sandwich and just binge on all the tenders while you’re at it.


Every chicken thing on this menu, and we were told that their sandwich is a close contender to the Mc Chicken & Jasmi’s’ Chickee Chicken… try it and let us know if you agree!!!

New York Chicken

We haven’t tried this one yet, but a lot of you are advocating for it so we’re about to!!


The staple, the usual, the go-to. We basically grew up on KFC – whether it was the buckets or countless amounts of Twisters, this will always make any fried chicken list!

BONUS: Chickboom – the spot for the exotic wings you can’t miss out on

With the most flavorful sauces and a food truck that’s constantly moving to different locations! Make sure you keep checking Chickboom’s IG page for location updates.

A few honorable mentions have to be Arabian Broasted, Saudi Broasted, Koolees, Cheese Attack, Sando, Soul, Big Boston’s, Chickey’s and Overheat!

Happy Fried Chicken Feasting

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