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We Asked You Where We Can Get The Best Cookies In Bahrain & These Were Your Top 15

Okay guys, it’s all fun and games until the LocalBH team GAINS A WHOLE LOT OF KILOS AFTER EACH OF THESE LISTS

It’s fine… We’ll have a box of each of these cookies and cry it out later. All good. Help us out and join us on this sugar craze (please). We asked you where we can get the best cookies in Bahrain, and you really didn’t hesitate to share all your faves – and we’ve been tortured by all these calories in the process… Scroll to check these out:

Ben’s Cookies

A staple. We remember a time where we’d TRAVEL for these. No one ever came back from a trip to Dubai or London without at least a couple boxes of Ben’s Cookies in hand. Rich, chewy and basically as big as our palm. Which means: YUM.

By Hessa

A local baking the most delicious-looking cookies!!! The best part is that there’s clearly a generous sprinkle of sea salt on each of these. Support local, people!!

Red Croissant Bakery

We’re super excited about this one!!! A family-run business, baking every single thing with hands made of love and other yummy things. Their cookies are not only beautiful-looking, but incredibly flavorful. Editor’s pick: Get the classic chocolate chip cookies, no regrets whatsoever.


Hopscotch has got an endless variety of baked goods and all sorts of cookies, but their Tahina Chocolate Chip cookies are by FAR their most popular cookies – and for good reason!!! Try them if you haven’t already, guys.

Sunflower Bakery

A buuuunch of you recommended this and we’re super curious right now!!! This bakery even has these Lamington cakes that we can’t stop thinking about. Again, SUPPORT LOCAL with this one!

Tamimi Markets

We’re glad many of you mentioned these, but for those who didn’t get the scoop: please, please, please don’t sleep on these!!! Nature’s Market has moved from The Avenues and set up shop in Tamimi Markets, at the Mall of Dilmunia. The cookies, guys. Chocolate chip cookies that’ll make you wonder how you ever lived without them.


Everything about these looks absolutely perfect. Perfectly shaped, perfectly fluffy, perfectly chocolatey. Not only is everyone raving about Palmetto being one of the best breakfast spots in town, but these cookies look like happiness itself. Make sure you grab a couple next time you’re in Nakheel Centre, Saar!


We agree with you guys on these. Dark, crispy edges and SALTED. What more do you actually need in a cookie???

Just Baked

These come mini, regular-sized, in a skillet with ice cream… you name it!!! They’re actually addicting – we would know.


Is it the size of these cookies or is it the amount of chocolate chips we can clearly see in each of these…? We’re not really sure, but we want a few. And, again, support local and order a couple boxes!!!


These cookies are MASSIVE and so, so flavorful!!! We love a good cookie that comes stuffed with all the most delicious chocolatey things. One of these is more than enough, but we’d be surprised if you can actually stop at one cookie…

Frosted Frozen Fresh

We got plenty of people sliding into our DM’s for these, actually, so we’re guessing they’re really good?? We’re impressed by the look of them – along with every other baked good they’ve got – and we JUST might order a box or two.


Honestly classics right here, you cannot convince us that any best-cookies list would be complete without Subway cookies!!!


We’re all addicts when it comes to their stuffed cookie cups, but have you even tried their Volcano cookies??? GAME CHANGER. Melted chocolate and marshmallows and all in all a perfect combo. A must. A necessity. Please try it.

Willy Wonka

These look insanely crinkly, for all you crispy cookie lovers!!! Again, we just might go on a binge for these.

A couple honorable mentions have to be White Spoon, for some really delicious calories-for-a-cause, The Cookie Jar for some good looking S’mores cookies, Meemz Cookies for plenty of yummy cookie options, and if you’re ever at The Orangery, make sure you grab a couple (or a whole box really) double chocolate cookies on your way out!!!

We’re on a straight sugar high just from staring at these

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