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We Asked You What Your Fave Spot for Mexican Food in Bahrain Was and Here Are the Top 8

All the good things!

It may not be Tuesday but weโ€™re still in the mood for some good good tacos and all things salsa! So we thought why not bring back one of our food lists where you decide what goes on top! Here’s another weekly list of your faves and this time, it’s Mexican food! You can just never go wrong with a good taco and burrito!

Cantina Kahlo

Drooling here guys!


Calexico is a fan fave and hits the spot every time!

Taco Muchachos

This food truck has our heart (and great tacos!)

Senor Pacos

The OG place for great Mexican food!

El Cartel Lounge

Cannot stop staring at this bowl of Birria Ramen!

El Lengo

Can munch on these the entire day!

El Camino

Shrimp tacos, bring ’em here!

Tacos and Burritos

We can hear the crispiness for sure!

You had us at tacos!

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