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We Asked You What Your Fave Traditional Bahraini Breakfast Spots Were & Here Are the Top 10

Traditional Bahraini Bahraini Breakfast

Start your day with traditional bites!

Hungry for the taste of authentic cuisine in the early morning? If you’re looking for a mix of sweet and salty dishes then, a traditional Bahraini breakfast got you covered. We asked you what your favorite spots were to start your day on the right foot, and here at the top 10 places to experience the best Bahraini breakfast as per your suggestions:

Roche Cafe

Nothing says traditional Bahraini breakfast with a twist louder than Roche Cafe, so we’re not surprised it’s your top favorite. 


Grab a seat at Emmawash for the full traditional Bahraini breakfast experience. 

Dona’s Wonders

Take your Bahraini traditional breakfast experience to another level with Dona’s Wonders!

Haji’s Cafe

Haji’s Cafe is your spot if you wanna have your breakfast early and experience old-times vibes.

Baba Taher Restaurant

Looking for a variety of dishes? Check out Baba Taher Restaurant to try out a bit of everything. 

Freej Bin Rashdan

Freej Bin Rashdan is the destination if you love Bahraini breakfast mixed with traditional decor and seating.

Lumee Street

Feeling a bit fancy? Munch on Lumee Street.

House of Balaleet

What’s a better spot for family and friends than the House of Balaleet? After all, sharing is caring. 

Agaily & Karak

The perfect spot to grab a bite on the go is Agaily & Karak. 

Naseef Restaurant

Try out Naseef for breakfast, a fave to many.

Which spot of these haven’t you tried yet? Let us know in the comments below!


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