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We Asked You What Your Fav
Tikka Spot In Bahrain Was & Here Are Your Top Picks

Craving a juicy tikka? Well you’re not alone! Tikka is a much loved dish in Bahrain and we all have our favorite spots to grab one. We asked you your favorite tikka spots in Bahrain and here are your top picks!

Sabar Ayoob

Sabar Ayoob is a local fav!
Where: Tubli, Jid Ali & Budaiya
Contact: 17601000

Tren Tren

You can’t can’t have Tren Tren’s Tikka’s
Where: Galali, Riffa, Hamala & Arad
Contact: Click Here

Shawayt Alfreej

This spot is a top pick by tikka lovers!
Where: Manama, Tubli & Duraz
Contact: Click Here

Grill & Thrill

BRB gotta go grad these mouthwatering Tikka’s!
Where: Muharraq
Contact: 1700 0518

Tikka Ameen

Tikka Ameen is gonna make you forget fast food!
Where: Gudaibiya
Contact: 17254867

Khan Baghdad

The Place to Be!
Where: Sehla
Contact: 13660000

Karbabad Grills

Level up your tikka game at Karbabad Grills!
Where: Karbabad
Contact: Click Here

Time To Devour Some Tikka’s!

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