Reboot Coding Institute in Collaboration With Tamkeen Hosted Its First in a Series of Successful Check-in Events at Seef Campus

Coding Revolutionized

Reboot Coding Institute inaugurated its innovative 2 year program on the 21st of January at Seef Campus and it was a massive success! 160 candidates, who had fulfilled the requirement of passing the online application test, were invited to learn about the program’s unique approach to learning.

Reboot01’s program involves students problem-solving and working in teams on over 55 projects involving multiple coding languages. Candidates from any educational background can join this program. It takes just 18 months to become a full-stack developer at Reboot and an additional six months to choose the area of specialization.

There are seven branches of specialization ranging from Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science to Cybersecurity & Game Development.

The institute has been well recognized by companies in Bahrain, leading to Reboot01’s partnerships with top hiring partners such as Al Salam Bank, Mannai Tech, Flooss, and Codebase Technologies Middle East.

The demand for software developers has become a growing necessity in the Kingdom. The 2-year program will equip graduates with the tools required to fill high-paying jobs.

If you’re interested in joining the Reboot01 program, you can apply by taking the online test here.

Applying already?

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