Bahraini Show Ramadan Sharif Got 71 Million Views Across the Region

A Bahraini TV show called “Ramadan Sharif” is sweeping the Arab world! This comedy series is so good with every episode being a new story with a different hilarious twist!

Think of it like this: Bahrain’s star Ahmed Sharif walks into a hilarious situation (think: getting stuck in a malfunctioning elevator with your mother-in-law). Each episode features a fresh cast of Bahraini actors alongside Ahmed, turning everyday struggles into laugh-out-loud moments.

The show has had over 71 million views on social media, including 12.5 million views on YouTube, with 36.2% of views coming from Saudi Arabia, 15.7% from Iraq, 10.1% from Bahrain, 8.4% from Oman, 6.6% from the UAE, and 6% from Kuwait. The show also has followers from Qatar (2.6%), Jordan (2%), Yemen (1.4%), and Algeria (1.2%).

But here’s the coolest part: Ramadan Sharif isn’t just funny, it’s attracting a younger crowd. Almost half (41%) of the viewers are between 18-24 years old, proving that good comedy can bridge the generation gap. Even TikTok got in on the action, with fans racking up 58.5 million interactions using the show’s sound clips for their own hilarious creations.

So why is this show such a smash? Here’s the recipe for success:

  • A sprinkle of hilarious actors, with Ahmed Sharif as the laugh-bomb in chief.
  • A dollop of clever writing that turns everyday situations into comedy gold.
  • A generous helping of social media magic to get the word out.

Ramadan Sharif is proving that funny knows no borders, and Arabic content can dominate on both TV and the hottest online platforms.

We’re proud!

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