Bahrain Ranks 1st as the Smartest Country in the GCC With the Highest Average IQ

A recent study published by “CEO World” magazine has revealed some impressive brainpower in Bahrain. The study, which surveyed over 10,000 people from 100 countries, found that Bahrainis boast the highest average IQ within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)! And rank a remarkable second in the entire Arab world!

This news comes as a major win for Bahrain! Highlighting the success of the nation’s investments in education, research, and development. The study suggests a strong correlation between these factors and a country’s average cognitive ability.

While IQ is just one measure of intelligence, it’s a significant indicator of a population’s potential for learning, problem-solving, and innovation. Bahrain’s top ranking in the GCC and second in the Arab world is a testament to the strong foundation the kingdom has built for its citizens’ intellectual development.

So, the next time you think of Bahrain, remember, it’s not just a beautiful island paradise! It’s also a hub for some of the sharpest minds in the Arab world!

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