Looking to Level up Your Abaya Collection? Here Are 8 Trendy Spots in Bahrain

Ramadan is a time for reflection, family, and of course, looking your best. Abayas are a staple in many wardrobes during this holy month, and with so many styles and trends to choose from, finding the perfect outfit can be both exciting and overwhelming. So we’ve got you covered(as always!) with these 8 trendy abaya spots in Bahrain!

This local brand has a bunch of beautiful designs you can choose from and the best part they deliver all over the GCC!

Al Joury

Beautiful, elegant and simply perfect for your gatherings!

AlDana Abayas

They’ve got so many modern and classic designs to choose from!

Al Athouq

Colored and black abayas with a variety of designs!

Sheema Abayas

Discover classic abaya silhouettes and luxurious fabrics!

M.E Abayas

M.E Abayas is your one-stop shop for abayas with a modern edge!

IPEK Abayas

Looking for an abaya that flatters your figure and complements your personal style? Head to IPEK.

UNA Designs

Explore statement embellishments, playful prints, and contemporary cuts that redefine modest fashion for the new era!

Get your Abayas!

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