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Check Out This Lebanese Food and Cultural Festival Happening in Bahrain This Week

lebanese festival in bahrain

Get ready!

The Lebanese Food and Cultural Festival is happening in Bahrain from November 16th to November 26th at Zahle, and it’s sure to be a blast! The festival will include tons of fun activities with renowned Lebanese singer Assi Bitar and the Dabke Band straight from Lebanon, including folkloric music and dancers.

Learn about Dabke

Dabke is a traditional dance that has been performed in Lebanon for years. The dance originated to chase off evil spirits and protect young plants. Dabke is characterized by its fast pace and energetic movements. It often takes place as part of a celebration or festival, such as weddings and special occasions.

The dancers form a line and hold hands with their fellow dancers. They move their bodies back and forth in unison, creating a wave-like motion with their arms and legs. Dabke music often consists of percussion instruments like drums and cymbals.

Get a chance to watch live Dabke at the festival and much more! Indulge in their special set menu put together by their team for a full-on Lebanese food experience.

For bookings, or for more information, call: +973 1771 3000

Have fun!

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