Get Ready to Feel Real Old Real Fast, Because These Songs Released 10 Years Ago

Apparently this is a throwback

It feels like just yesterday, but clearly time waits for no one – and out of sheer spite, we’re going to share the feels with you too:

Party Rock Anthem

We Found Love

Price Tag

Somebody That I Used to Know

Love You Like a Love Song

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Jar of Hearts

Rolling in the Deep

Tonight Tonight

Stereo Hearts

We’ve come a long way in ten years – LMFAO no longer exists, Jessie J was involved with Channing Tatum, Adele is literally out to rule the world, and Selena Gomez is into beauty now. Huh.

Did you catch your old faves on the list?

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استعدوا للرجوع لأيام المراهقة مع هالاغاني الي صار عمرها 10 سنين


لما تسمعون هالاغاني بتحسون كأن أمس لكن في الصج مر وقت عليها. جيكوا القائمة في المقال الإنجليزي واستمتعوا برجعتكم لذكرياتكم.

خبرونا شنو أفضل أغنية كانت بالنسبة لكم!