Bringing the Car Wash to Your Place With the Tap of a Button

Keeping the Kingdom clean, one car at a time

Isn’t it annoying to go all the way searching for a car wash outlet? And it’s also super hot to wash the car on your own. But we’ve got exactly what you need. justclean is here to save the day. This company is termed as the GCC’S leading service company, and rightfully so! They don’t just cater car wash but your laundry needs too.

Click & Clean

justclean will literally come to wherever your car is and make her shine like never before, this is convenience at your doorstep. All you have to do is download the app, place an order and have your car washed at the comfort of your home.

They also have multiple brands on the app

justclean has collaborated with brands like Lazer, Driver & many more, giving you a variety of options to choose from. Plus, they are available at a super affordable range with absolute no compromise to quality. To top it all, they always have exclusive offers you can totally take advantage of.

& cashless service

Guys, there is no haggle of cash anymore. You can literally make your payments through card or even apple pay. If not that, just buy JC credit from the app. You know what means right? We’re not leaving this couch at all!

P.s. They have 30% off on car wash service on the app until 31st of July 2021

And now, you can leave it to the professionals for some clean sheets & clean jeans

Dirty laundry? justclean’s got you sorted! Cause apart from car cleaning services, justclean provides laundry service as well, so that one chair in your room, can finally take a break.

No matter which service you opt for, whether its car cleaning or laundry (or even both), their trained staff will deliver exceptional service and not just that, they will pick-up & deliver it to you, for FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to download the app now and check out their website.