Major Nostalgia! You Can Buy 90s Games and Consoles From These 7 Local Accounts

retro games playstation one nintendo old movies and dvds in Bahrain


This one is for our movies and videogames lovers. Whether you have an old gaming console that you’re looking to sell or you’re looking to grow your games/movies collection. There’s an option below for anyone that loves retro consoles and collecting DVDs.

Take a look!

Setup Studio BH

They have a great selection of video games varying from Playstation consoles to Nintendo and Gameboys. The prices are great, too!

Gameboy BH

Lost your childhood Gameboy somehow? You can get a new one and play a couple of games for old-time’s sake. Not only that, but they also make sure it’s working and clean before selling it! Take a look at their account to check out their collection.

Star Shine BH

We love this store because it’s not just about nostalgic games—they also have lots of new games and anime collectibles as well!

Bahrain Retro Retro

This store has a huge selection of games and consoles from the ’90s and early 2000s. We can spend hours browsing their posts and never get bored!

Masterpiece Museum Movies

This is the place to go if you’re looking for DVDs to get and grow your movie collection.

Retro Gaming BH

Reto Gaming BH is here to unlock your nostalgic childhood memories! Remember hitting McDonald’s and getting their kid’s meal just for these games? You can grab one now!

Bahrain DVDs

Here’s another one for movie collectors. Check them out for a copy of your favorite movies!

Good old times

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