5 New Additions To Netflix That Will Have You Glued To Your Couch This Weekend

There’s a day left until the weekend and if you’ve no plans of leaving your house or want to continue staying safe (we’re proud of you, first off!), here are a couple of new additions to Netflix MENA’s list.

Stay safe and enjoy the binge, and don’t forget to set up an entire indoor cinema complete with popcorn and chocolate.


1. Indulge in a trilogy about traveling back in time

Steven Spielberg’s Back To The Future trilogy is considered a cult classic and the fact that Netflix just put up all THREE movies means you’re about to embark on a wild journey this weekend. If time travel is a concept you’re interested in or you appreciate the vibe of the ’80s, then this should be your flick of choice.

Otherwise, what’s another repeat marathon?

2. The F**ck It List

A coming-of-age teen movie about reversing bad decisions made in high school aka the DREAM. This comedy stars Eli Brown, Madison Iseman and Marcus Scribner in a 1 hour 43 minute film that will keep you laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

3. Another classic! Watch this and keep trying to make ‘fetch happen’

Mean Girls needs no introduction or explanation (unless you’re really not into chick flicks!) This teen movie and it’s iconic catchphrases has been revered in the last decade and it makes for the perfect weekend company.

4. You, Me and Dupree

A couple allows their mutual friend to move in after he goes through a difficult situation and immediately regrets the decision after a series of pretty peculiar events.

5. Burn After Reading

It’s George Clooney and Brad Pitt in a movie. Go figure.

Two gym employees stumble upon a CD containing the memoir of a CIA agent and decide to sell it, the rest is a hilarity.

Happy watching!