These Celebrities Grew Up In Bahrain & We’re Still Stunned

Ever see Bahrain being mentioned on TV and get really excited? Even more so when you learn your fav celebrity grew up here – just picturing them shopping at Seef or driving around Manama.

Can you imagine?


Here’s a list of 5 celebs that grew up on our island:


Shakira has to be one of the most famous pop stars out there! I mean, who didn’t grow up listening to “Whenever, Wherever?” She grew up in Bahrain and attended Bahrain School as a child! She even mentions us in her song “Ojos Asi”

James Arthur

X- Factor winner James Arthur went to Bahrain British School as a child! A lot of locals recognized him when he was competing on the X – Factor and were super stoked when he won! He returned to the island to preform at Spring of Culture.

Majid Al Maskati

Majid – from the duo Majid Jordan didn’t only grow up in Bahrain – He’s a Local! In recent years, he made it big being signed to Drake’s Label OVO and he even has a producer’s credit on Beyonce’s song – Mine.

Things we love to see: This.

Misha Nonoo

Misha Nonoo is a Bahraini-British Fashion designer. She casually set up Meghan Markle with Prince Harry like it’s nothing. We guess it’s her world, and we’re all just living in it..

Jacqueline Fernandez

This Bollywood star was born here! She went to school in Sacred Heart and went on to make it big!! She even won the Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant in 2006. Jacqueline made it back to the Kingdom earlier this year and took a video at her old school!


What we’re chanting if we ever see them irl…

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