This Bahrain-based Organization’s Project in Ghana Has Impacted the Lives of 65,000 People

Project NSUO is a wrap!!

Remember the group of 10 changemakers from Rotaract Bahrain who began a water project to help 9 villages and 65,000 people in Ghana? Well, the project has reached fruition. And the team from Rotaract has managed to impact the lives of thousands of Ghanaians!

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It began with them identifying a water source to channel potable drinking water to the surrounding villages near Accra.

Watch this video of the water pump’s inauguration and the highlights of Project Nsuo in Ghana:

Ask any child in Ghana if they’re okay with the condition of water in their village, their answer is a resounding “no”. And through Project Nsuo, Rotaract Bahrain built a water pump that answers the need of the communities in Ghana. And boreholes were dug to ensure clean water from the Accra source reaches the 9 villages.

“The success of this project shows the power of collective efforts and the impact we can create when we stand united for a cause.”

President Tanima of Rotaract Bahrain

For the volunteers of Rotaract Bahrain, Project Nsuo was a life-changing experience. One that created an impact that’s going to stay with them for a long time!

The video shows the inauguration of the water pump – a happy moment for members of the community and the Rotaract team! And you can also find the team engaging with kids in activities and learning. They’ve set up swings for the kids in their village too!

We’re extremely proud of this initiative by Rotaract Bahrain’s volunteers!!

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