Spotlight: You Need to Check Out the Inside of This Art House in Riffa

Delving into some art & culture

The art scene in Bahrain is unmatched, we have some of the most compelling sites to see it all unfold. The latest find that should be on everyone’s radar is Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa’s art-house over in Riffa! Sheikh Rashid himself has been a contemporary artist and painter for quite a while, not to mention a pioneer of the art movement and scene in Bahrain.

The heritage house has been converted into a sort of art gallery, where you can walk through and see different pieces by the painter – at the traditional Bahraini home where he, along with other members of the Royal family, was raised in. The house itself stands to serve as a platform to empower artists around the world, which is why the RAK Art Foundation was initially established. The foundation is now based inside this converted house in Riffa, and you guys can book an appointment to explore it!!

Make sure you book an appointment to visit in advance – click HERE.

Here’s to our culture-filled island!

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