Heartwarming! HM the King Gifts Eid Grant to Thousands of Families in Bahrain

A heartfelt token of appreciation

The Royal Humanitarian Fund announced that His Majesty The King ordered the disbursement of an Eid gift to thousands of families in Bahrain. The grant is set to benefit orphans and widows registered with RHF in the Kingdom and will proceed under the chairmanship of HM’s representative for humanitarian work and youth affairs, HH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

The Secretary-General of the RHF stated that His Majesty always remains proactive in celebrating public occasions with the families under the foundation, always giving back in every aspect that he is able to. He also stated that this gift is an annual ritual that comes from the heart of a loving father who is keen to share the joy of the holidays!

The generosity in Bahrain never ceases to amaze us!

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