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Check Out This Spot in Bahrain for the Real Taste of Pakistani Street Food

Food, food, food!

If you haven’t tried Pakistani food, what are you even doing with your life!? For real guys, we’re not even kidding! Pakistani street food isn’t your regular easy snacks and all, they have real deal hearty meals that just make you want to devour till the last bit on the plate! Mast Mahol is a great spot right here in Bahrain that’ll give you a taste of Pakistani street food and you’d want to thank us later!

Why wouldn’t we want to dig into this ‘BUTTER CHICKEN SAMOSA BOWL,’ see what we’re referencing here!?

These gol gappa shots are too good to miss out on!

Catch this and a lot more at Mast Mahol in Muqabah. Contact: 3561 9918

Thank us later!

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