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Here Are 10 Spots to Get the Yummiest Toasts in Bahrain

The good things in life

Toasts are our absolute fave carbs, well carbs work in any shape and form tbh! All the curves and edges, we could sing that all day for our fave things in the world! Let’s have a look at some of the best spots to get the yummiest toasts in Bahrain, the good thing is that we can jump and get one for ourselves right away! Get ready for a feast for the eyes!


Strawberry cheesecake french toast? Yes please! Gorgeous to say the least. Head over to Mockingbird to feast on one.
Where: Manama

CB Cafe, by Cake Boutique

We’re living for french toats guys! CB Cafe by Cake Boutique has great french toast and we suggest you try them out.
Where: Seef Mall

MUH – The House of Pudd

French toast with bavarian filling, vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce, and topped with Arabic cotton candy. BRB salivating!
Where: Juffair Square

Mana Café

Home-made almond butter and sugar-free seasonal berry jam, a perfect pick if you’re conscious about sugar.
Order: Here

NOMAD Urban Eatery

Take a bite of Nomad’s french toast and just be happy!
Where: Seef

Oak Restaurant

Top the french toast with some ice cream, please!
Where: Riffa

Café Mayfair

Labneh and Zataar Toast, the best savory toast there is!
Where: Saar

Le Chocolat 

We mean, what more do you guys want to know about Le Chocolat’s divine french toast!

Hopscotch Bakery & Cafe

This new toast from Hopscotch is a must-try, get your hands on one asap!
Where: Saar

The Orangery

Order these toasts from The Orangery and just indulge in the goodness!
Where: Manama

Feast for the eyes!

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