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We Asked You What the Best Spot to Get Italian Food in Bahrain Was and Here Are the Top 15

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Italian food is celebrated all across the globe, with some doing their own fusions in the authentic ones, well whatever works for the taste buds! Guys, for real, pizza is by far the best human invention, and pasta, we can have it all day every day! We have a couple of great spots for Italian food in Bahrain, so we asked you what the best spot was, and here are your top 15 picks. Scroll through to check them out:

Gusto Pizzeria Ristorante

That cheese pull is everything! You guys love this one and we definitely could tell this is a fan favorite!

Fatto Bahrain

Let’s all sit for this feast of a spread! This has made us hungry you guys!


Cheese cheese cheese, all day every day! Add in some olive oil, please! (that rhymed)


Fresh pasta and a delicious plate of goodness! This one’s surely a catch, THANKS to you guys!


Penne much? We’re on our way to get this plate of wonders!

Cico’s Italian Restaurant

Ravioli for the win! This looks so irresistibly good, brb drooling!

San Carlo Bahrain

Make room for us on this table, please! We’re on our way already!

L’ORTO by Susy Massetti

A plate of Paccheri pasta with extra parmesan, please!

Masso Restaurant

They say “Burrata is the queen of the Italian table” and we agree!

Piada and Pasta

Marinara Pasta and Marinara everything!

Cafe Italia

Pasta in any shape and form tbh works just fine!

Lougi House Restaurant

Is this pizza for one? jk, we’re all for sharing!

Vapiano Bahrain

Located in City Centre this one’s a sure catch! Fresh pasta and all the good things!

Nino Restaurant

Linguine, the blend of flavors is all we ask for! Add in some extra cheese if you may!

Cucina Italiana

Freshly made pizza dough is the best thing in the world, apart from the fresh pasta tho!

Pasta la vista! (WE JUST HAD TO!)

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